Beautiful pictures of special people like you


Glamour sitting is a great experience - you bring the outfits and we will make you look like you should be in Vogue. This is a fantastic fun time, and you'll see yourself as you never imagined. Studio session includes make up and hair styling. It does not include prints.'

After you arrive at the studio you will be introduced to our makeup artist, she will discuss the makeup style and help you sort which clothes to wear. She's been in front of the camera herself and can answer any questions you may have, she will also stay with you during the shoot to touch-up and change makeup as required.

Once your makeup and hair have been done, the photography can start, you will be shown pictures as we progress to ease your mind as to how you look, the poses are very relaxed and easy to assume. Our job is to give you the best photographs and having a relaxed model is all part of that, there will be jokes, laughter and help to make it easy for you. We will photograph you as you want and suggest other options you may not have thought of, you will not be made to feel uncomfortable or to do anything that you are not completely happy about.

We can assure you that you will leave at the end of the session feeling that you cannot wait to see the results and having made some new friends.


Here are some common Questions:


I have never been photographed before, and am a little nervous.

Don't worry about a thing we have been doing this a long time and making you feel comfortable is our main priority as well as the photographer being on hand you will also have Kay to help you with your poses and make you feel great.

I have seen the girls on your site and they look perfect, I don't look like that.

Nothing to panic about here as with magazines some women on the site are photo shopped (airbrushed) and unwanted lumps and bumps as well as blemishes tattoos and wrinkles can be removed, you decide how much or how little you would like.

Some of your photographs on your site seem to be very edgy.

Again the shoot is for you, you can be as daring as you like, if you don't want to have such edgy photographs then this is fine, if you do then that is also not a problem. .

Can I bring a friend or boyfriend.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable so that is no trouble at all, we do ask however that the other person is not in the studio while the shoot is taking place as there is a lot of lighting etc, and this could be dangerous to the other person, not to mention distracting to you.


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