Before your shoot



It's worthwhile taking a moment to discuss preparation for the day, as well as planning what you are going to be photographed wearing. It is also very important to drink plenty of water in the 24 hours or so before the photography, this makes your skin look good and glow under the lights.

1)Planning your session - We will discuss with you before your shoot the details of the day including your preferences, your clothes, your style and what pictures you would like to get out of your photo session. Looking at magazines etc can help here and also help the photographer if you can show what you want.

2) Professional make-up – We apply specialized photographic make up which complements your skin colour, facial structure, highlights your good points and minimizes your flaws.

Professional studio set up – Our professional photographer will capture you with a variety of backgrounds and poses showing your ‘best side’ every time.

Professional re-touching – With all our shoots we maintain a strong attention to detail. All of our images undergo any re-touching required to deliver you with a set of quality images that you will be 100% happy with. Any blemishes on the skin will be smoothed out, we whiten teeth and eyes, and anything necessary to bring out the best in you.

Glamour Shoots are typically for a woman wanting to be captured at her very best and to make her look as beautiful, exciting and sexy as possible.

Glamour makeovers can include casual, sportswear, costumes, formal, evening wear, swimwear, lingerie and can also include implied nudity if desired.

Regardless of dress, the objective is basically the same - to remove any unwanted distractions (blemishes and scars) and to portray the model's sensuality and beauty.

Every woman has her own special looks and unique expressions - those moments when she is at her natural best. Our goal during a Makeover shoot is to relax the subject, inspire confidence and to recognise or discover those moments and capture them for the subjects own pleasure or as a very special gift.

Glamour makeovers therefore, should not be rushed as this is a very personal experience and it should be enjoyed.


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